I'm really excited to finally share my FIRST single off my album! Little Bit Of Love is available right now!!!

Michelle Titian

 MICHELLE TITIAN comes from one of the more musically underrated cities in Canada: Hamilton, Ontario. But even with me, who knows more of the rock side of the Hammer, there is a lot to learn. Michelle proves that with her eponymous CD. Her voice is very rich, as she sings somewhere between country and singer/songwriter, with a twang and pull on the heart. There is definitely a strong WTF air about this, making me wonder why this woman is not played on every country radio, as she has such a strong presence. With all the mediocre material broadcast, they need a fresh sound like this. I mean, she’s got the sound, the looks, and the material. The CD just gets better with each listen, making it difficult to pick a fave, so I’m just going to go down the middle, and pick two exceptionally strong cuts, with the classic sound of “Take My Hand” and the more contemporary twang of “Be Mine”. Jersey Beat Magazine - Robert Barry Francos